EDP Ventures is in the “happiness business” and has invested interest in many industries, such as Hospitality, Entertainment, Commercial Real Estate, Retail, Media and Automotive.

We create

Eat Drink Play.

Empathy Drive Passion.

The hospitality arm Trivium Group invests in franchise brands, restaurants, import/export businesses of Australian and global products, fine food, beverage and liquor providore, caterer and more.

The entertainment arm Colab focuses on bars, nightlife, live music events and the world’s biggest automotive lifestyle consumer brand.

The Consulting and Professional Services arm RGC focuses on retail leasing and franchising, asset management, marketing services such as content creation, video production and other professional services.

EDP aims to enable local and foreign investors with successful and valuable long term businesses and franchise chains.

EDP is lead by entrepreneurs that are driven 100% by passion and aims to provide Australia with quality services, experiences and brands that also adds value to the society.

They are highly motivated individuals that have over 20+ years experiences in private and public SMEs, NFP and multi-national Fortune 500 giants. The management team prides themselves in their immense experiences in start-up ventures, commercialisation, investments and entrepreneurialship.

EDP’s unique proposition and competitive advantage includes self sufficiency in skills and networks, ethnic marketing, business process re-engineering and consulting/managed services for helping foreign businesses to commercialise and prosper in the Australian economy and vice-versa.

The EDP Vision:

EDP’s mission is to create happiness in the world, and adding value to society.

Life is short, one must live life to the fullest with no regrets. We hope to provide the perfectly balanced lifestyle where everyone can eat, drink and play!

EDP Mission Statement:

“To create.”

EDP Core Values;

  • To change and add value to our society
  • Stay humble and treat one another with respect
  • To do everything with passion and obsession
  • To be proud of and invest in talent
  • One for all and all for one; same as a family