Every business is following its own unique path. EDP’s hospitality arm’s ventures have their own unique needs and requirements, individually applicable to the internal and external environment. Trivium’s hospitality ventures focuses on the below:


Businesses can never stand still, and innovation is a crucial component of long term success. EDP’s businesses reach its growth potential by:

  • Identifying breakthrough growth opportunities and gaps in the current market
  • Developing a future research-and-development strategy
  • Assessing the current business portfolio and reallocating resources to ensure we meet growth targets


Technology is a crucial driver of business success, and it is crucial that a business optimises technology in a way that improves both internal productivity, as well as the customer experience. Trivium focus on maximising the effectiveness of technology through:

  • Development and design of highly usable, informative and interactive websites
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) activities that will ensure websites are visible and easily found by potential customers
  • Optimisation of social media profiles


Trivium excels in Human Resource and organisational design needs through:

  • The establishment of more effective business processes which optimise the effectiveness of Trivium’s human resources, and which maximise the individual skills and capabilities of each employee
  • Assisting in the development of a strong corporate culture
  • Enhancing leadership capabilities, Mentoring & Coaching
  • Assisting with change management


Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of environmental and social issues. For this reason, a commitment to environmental sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility is crucial for modern businesses. Trivium does this by:

  • Establishing strategies which demonstrate commitment to CSR
  • Developing an alternative-energy-supply scheme