RGC works because EDP also run businesses, it has experienced all ups and downs that money cannot buy and would take anyone 10+ years to accumulate.

How do you know when to hire RGC?

You will need to evaluate your company in these key areas for weaknesses:

  • Human resources
  • Business strategy
  • Operations
  • Compliance and regulations
  • Financial planning

EDP’s consulting arm is now at the peak of its capabilities and credibility, with many networks, case studies, trusted advisors, internal talents and repeat customers.

Professional Services & Consulting

RGC pride itself in the below skillsets, and more…

  • Commercialisation and new-start venture strategy
  • Marketing and Public Relations
  • Utilising technology as a business advantage
  • Commercial Leasing and Franchising
  • Event and Project Management
  • Asset Management via Perigon

RGC’s content creation and video production businesses have the knowledge and resources available to provide customised support and solutions for all businesses (predominantly retail and commercial sectors), regardless of its size, stage of growth, or industry. Furthermore, our success is your success, which means that our business solutions are results driven.


RGC can provide innovative and effective solutions to your marketing needs, whether you wish to outsource your business’s entire marketing function to our experienced team, or simply seek help on a lone project. RGC have forward-thinking marketing professionals with a wealth of experience in a number of marketing fields. RGC prides itself on their ability to provide marketing solutions which are uniquely applicable to each of their individual clients.

RGC’s can help you with:

  • Social Media
  • Content Creation
  • Ethnic Marketing
  • Creative Services
  • Branding and Identity

Please feel free to email us

Website: rgc.international

Some of RGC’s clients: