Eugene Lee is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of EDP and has over 15 years experience in the Entertainment, Hospitality and IT industries.

He worked for the Restaurant & Catering Industry Association as well as other Fortune 500 International firms such as Dell EMC as Program leads to deliver phenomenal results.

Eugene holds a MBA degree, is PMP certified and currently progressing his Doctorate in Business Leadership.

Eduardo Kalalo is the Chief Marketing Officer of EDP and has over 20 years experience in hospitality, entertainment and events.

He is a DJ in the Australian and International scene and has ran events and businesses globally in various capacities.

Fafa Chang is part of the group’s sales team with a major focus in the entertainment and hospitality arms.

She is originated from Taiwan and has many years of experience in corporate and retail sales, working for companies such as Remy Martin.

Ed Juan is part of the QB Catering team, he has traveled the world away from his humble Taiwanese home as part of his culinary journey.

With 10+ years experience under his belt, he is a versatile chef that can create the best of any cuisines. He has recently worked for the Lotus group and Ho Jiak group in Sydney.